Our Board & Committee Members

The professionals who sit on our Board of Directors play an important role in helping make the Boys & Girls Club of Massena a reality. Board members are involved on a variety of levels to ensure the fiscal, programmatic and operational success of the organization. Stewards of the organization, Board members take part in all fundraising activities, secure donations and support for our endeavors, recruit new Board members, attend monthly Board meetings, participate in one or more of our operating committees, determine policy, and provide oversight that ensures our organization will successfully grow to serve the children who need us.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Massena is proud to be led by an incredible board of local leaders who offer their time, talent & treasure in support of our Mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. These members provide substantial expertise, support and commitment in leading our organization towards achieving our vision.

*If you’re interested in learning more about serving on our board, please contact Timmy Currier by emailing him at info@bgcmassena.org.


Board of Directors
You can access our bylaws by clicking on this link: BGC Massena Adopted Bylaws

  • Shannon Boyce
  • Dave Carr
  • Monica Carr
  • Timmy Currier (Charter Member, 2013)
  • Cortney Deshaies
  • Sharmela Garcia Martin
  • Natasha Hill
  • Dale Kramer (Charter Member, 2013)
  • Timmy Lashomb
  • Anne-Marie Lucid (Charter Member, 2013)
  • Virginia Mossow
  • Tom Saxby
  • Charles Sears
  • Joanne Sevick (non-voting)
  • Nicole Terminelli
  • Sherry Thompson
  • Patricia Wilson (Charter Member, 2013)
  • Ken MacDonnell (Board Member Emeritus; Charter Member 2013)

Executive Committee

Tim Currier, President
Tricia Wilson, First VP
Tim Lashomb, Second VP
Shannon Boyce, Treasurer
Chuck Sears, Secretary

Publicity Committee

Tricia Wilson, Chair
Tim Lashomb
Anne-Marie Lucid
Sharmela Garcia Martin
Virginia Mossow
Nicole Terminelli

Facility Committee

Dave Carr, Chair
Chuck Sears
Virginia Mossow
Hassan Fayad (volunteer)
David Gagne (volunteer)
Colin Lucid, Jr. (volunteer)

Finance Committee

Timmy Lashomb, Chair
Dale Kramer
Anne-Marie Lucid
Shannon Boyce, Treasurer
Tom Saxby
Sherry Thompson

Governance & Board Development Committee

Nicole Terminelli, Chair
Dale Kramer

Personnel Committee

Sherry Thompson, Chair
Tim Lashomb
Nicole Terminelli

Capital Campaign

Tim Currier, Chair
Full Board

If you have time and talents to help, please contact us!