1,270+ calzones!

We knew how much everyone missed them but the outpouring of support was just amazing.

It’s hard to put into words just how deeply grateful we are. For certain, let’s start with Tim “TP” Prescott and Maria Taliano. Wow. They were so incredibly generous in offering their time and talents to bring back this family recipe to help raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Massena. They and their crew worked non-stop for 12 hours — carefully handcrafting each of those 1,270 calzones.

They didn’t stop when we needed more ham. They had us buy more. They didn’t want to quit when we ran out of dough. They made another batch. When we ran out of cheese and dough again, another great Massena business — Italian Affair — delivered what we needed. And, Maria, TP and their kitchen crew kept crafting those amazing calzones.

We so wish we could have filled every order – though, we realize that probably would have taken us until July. But, there is a pretty good chance you’ll get another opportunity. Keep your fingers crossed and your taste buds prepped for an encore … maybe this summer. We did learn a lot during this first time and will do even better next time.

Before we start our thank yous to all the wonderful volunteers, we first want to thank everyone who bought calzones… or made donations when they couldn’t. Your support directly benefits the kids of our community — we thank you on their behalf. (Club kids decorated the take-out bags as a token of their appreciation.)

Thank you, so much, to all the amazing people who were such a HUGE help yesterday, including: Maria Taliano, Tim Prescott, Jimmy Laba, Darlene Durant, Kari Bonaparte, Nicole Bonaparte, Nicole Terminelli, Michael Terminelli, and anyone else who made that kitchen the greatest place in the world on a very special Sunday in April.

Also, to the amazing volunteer Board Members who are always ready to offer their time and talents, and the family members they brought with them, including: Tim Currier & Emily; Tim Lashomb; Tricia Wilson, Les & Christie; Virginia Mossow; Sherry Thompson & Gary; Shannon Boyce; Anne-Marie Lucid & Colin.

Special thanks to the Massena Elks Lodge for hosting, in particular, the cleanup / kitchen help from Chris Hooper; Roxanne Roberts for handling hundreds of phone calls and serving hot coffee to our waiting buyers; and, Joe Brown for being so gracious about making sure we had whatever we needed.

And, definitely a benefit of being in a small town, we can’t thank Aaron Jolly at Italian Affair enough for sending what we needed to finish our orders.

Thank you, Massena. We look forward to the next time!

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