Club Kids Are Our Kids. All Of Our Kids.

It’s not just my kids, your kids, or “those” kids that reap the rewards of the Boys & Girls Club of Massena. The Club provides a positive place and programs for all of the kids in our community.

It’s about having a place to go after school for help with homework, meeting up with friends who may go to a different school, learning how to give back through service to others. It’s reading and recreation. Computers and music. Activities that stretch imaginations and build skills in science, technology, engineering & math. It’s learning, it’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s safe.

A successful, local businessman has turned down the chance to support the Club with the belief that it only benefits “those kids” and “those kids” already receive support.

As our Club President & Village Mayor Tim Currier recently shared:

“The club meets the demands of kids in all socio-economic levels, as children from every income level, every neighborhood and every ethnicity are welcome and do participate in the program.

“It is absolutely true, though, one of the great advantages of the BGC, and a primary reason communities that have clubs tend to see better results across the board is because it helps to lift those living in poverty up and into the middle class or beyond, giving them a chance at breaking the circle and becoming very productive members of our society.”

Join us in helping all of the kids in our community. Make a donation or volunteer your time, today. All of our kids thank you!

Congrats Jr. Olympics Participants!

13958117_1869517966604596_5599608483954049024_oCongratulations to all of the North Country kids who participated in the Club’s 2016 Junior Olympics Track & Field Events on Saturday, August 13, at the Massena High School track.

Featured events included: 100 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Dash, 1 x 100 Meter Relay & 3000 Meter Distance Run, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, Discus Throw, Backward Crab Walk and Thread the Needle.


Make sure your kids don’t miss any of the fun happening at the Boys & Girls Club of Massena! Please contact Director Debra Donatto with any questions you have and to let her know that you want to be a part of the Club by sending her an email at or calling her at 250-7806.

Love to Run? Want to help organize one?

The Boys & Girls Club of Massena is incredibly lucky to have so many “Friends” in the community that spearhead special fundraising events that bring much needed financial support to sustain the Club and our 320 Members.  There is a group of passionate runners who would like to form a committee for a run to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Massena. For those who have ever participated in a 5K, half or full marathon, you can appreciate all the planning and volunteer support needed! If you are interested in lending your time and talents to our River Run Half-Marathon & 5K, please fill out the form below and we’ll connect you to the Friends of the BGCM Run Committee.

If you have another event that you would like to put on to benefit the BGCM, let us know — we love the support we receive for this incredibly important program for the kids in our community!

Rotary’s One Stop Holiday Shop a Huge Success!

Drum roll… $1,505.00 was raised at the recent One Stop Holiday Shop hosted by the Massena Rotary to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Massena. Thank you to every one for helping to make it happen!

And, mark your calendar for December 3 for the 2016 event!

Here, Massena Rotarian Darcy Sharpe (r) presents a check with the proceeds of the event to Boys & Girls Club of Massena Director Deb Donatto.

2015 HolidayShopRotary

It’s Giving Tuesday!

Today, more than any other, is a great opportunity to make a donation from the heart to help others. It can be monetary but certainly doesn’t have to be! Spending time helping others is also incredibly rewarding for you and for those you help.

The Boys & Girls Club of Massena invites you to find a local charity to support. If the Boys & Girls Club of Massena is your choice, you can click on the Donate Now button to make an online donation of any dollar amount.

You can also offer your time and talents as a Volunteer in any capacity that you are able.

Or, if you can’t buy something you need locally and need to order online, please opt to order through Amazon Smile and they will make a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Massena. (Just click on the link below or at right.)

Giving Tuesday

Hey, Kids … Join the Club!

The Boys & Girls Club of Massena is now accepting members for the 2015-16 school year! We are expecting an even greater year with Club now held four days a week, starting on September 21st: Mondays & Tuesdays, we’re using the facilities at Jefferson School and Wednesdays & Thursdays, we’ll meet at Madison.
And, Club membership has also been expanded this year to include ALL 3rd through 6th grade students, from any school in and around Massena. Kids will enjoy great activities, cool learning projects, help with homework, fun crafts, rec time and more!
Membership forms will be sent home with students the first week of school; or, you can visit our Membership page or call Director Donatto at (315) 250-7806 to get registered.

Trivia Night Success!

Wow, what fun everyone had at the 2nd Annual Trivia Game Night to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Massena! Trivia Master Mike Viskovich challenged the 16 teams of four to pull answers out of their collective memories on a range of topics on Saturday, November 7th at the Elks Lodge on Bowers Street, Massena. [Click for more.]

First Place Honors Awarded to Team Ferocious Fliers of NNCS.

First Place Honors Awarded to Team Ferocious Fliers of NNCS.

Now Recruiting Volunteers!

Would you consider donating a few hours a week (or month) to help make a difference in the lives of kids in our community?

Volunteers are needed for the Boys & Girls Club of Massena to work with elementary school students in grades 3-6 at our Club locations: Monday & Tuesday at Jefferson, and Wednesday & Thursday at Madison Elementary School. The Club operates from 3 to 6 PM when school is in session. You can volunteer for as many days a week or month your schedule allows — all we ask is that you commit to being there for the full three hours on the day or days you work.

The more volunteers we have, the more kids we can serve.  As a volunteer, you would join our paid professional staff members in being there to help these amazing kids.

Learn more on our Volunteer page and get started helping those who need us most TODAY!